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Flower Farmer?

So, we started a family flower business. The learning curve is like Space Mountain; a roller coaster in the dark. But due to the generosity of so many, and good old trial and error, we have learned and we are feeling our way through with esteeming success. We have made it to the point where we are able to invest in sustainable materials that will help our product be even better for our customers. This is great news! Celebrate with us. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of U.S. small businesses fail within the first year. This is not us!

Just like any cost-aware florist, what is the next step in being cost savvy? Obviously it is to cut costs to maximize margin! Because I have no interest in using boring flowers, I have deduced that the logical way to do that is to grow my own flowers. We did explore buying 11 acres just up the road for $2.5 million dollars, but no investors have shown up yet; plus, it's a bit overzealous since I currently know myself to have a black thumb. But! We do have a side yard that needs some erosion control, so we will start with 3 8'x4' garden beds.

I have started some seeds indoors. Tim has built the beds. And now we are working to level and prepare the beds so that after the last freeze of the season, we can plant the little baby seedlings in the beds and they won't die. My hope this summer is to add a flower or two in our subscription deliveries from our very own garden. I think that is a reasonable goal.

If you've never tried growing anything from seed, it's not hard, but it's also not easy. It's the watering that I have trouble remembering. I'm setting an alarm on my phone now.

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1 Comment

Josée Audet
Josée Audet
Dec 20, 2021

Amanda, what a beautiful project! Congratulations!

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