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You Have Waited Long Enough

We have allowed you to forget about our journey for a little while. We have ceased from posting while we deliberated, disagreed, examined and fought our flesh. Our family talks revolved around the "should we/shouldn't we" debate with seemingly no progress for a number of months.

As time went on, this little human, whose complete origin story we never will know, started looking differently into our eyes. I realized that we had been asking the wrong question from the beginning. The question we had been asking was: does this child belong to us? That question, and the need to answer it, began to fade when she made it clear that we belonged to her. Her attachment to our family was complete. She was ours and we were hers. That work was done and the rest is history.

All of that to say that we have chosen to adopt this little girl. You will soon be able to see a full-face picture of the little one who has turned our short-term and long-term lives for a full-on loop-d-loop. Then, you will be seeing a backlog of photos we have been saving since the day she arrived [August 17, 2021] so you can get to know this firecracker, music-loving, full-of-giggles, insightful, empathetic, hide-and-seek playing, into everything, world-changer! She is completely and utterly precious and you will fall in love with her just as we have.

A lot goes into giving a child a new identity. There were a lot of terms and tasks that we barely comprehended and will live immortally in a fog because they came and went as soon as the ink was dry from our signatures. But the process is nearly complete: a matter of weeks as we understand it. For security purposes, we have given her a pseudonym in the blog posts, but you will soon be able to know her name...we think...more to come on that. Our family has had a little drama over her name. I'll save that for another post.

Adopting from our county's foster care system was an experience we can whole-heartedly recommend! Was it comfortable 100% of the time? Certainly not-a baby was involved, as well as other humans. Was it easy? No-there are forms and fingerprints, background checks and psychological screenings. There is driving. There are classes. There are more classes and then some more driving. But there is a Costco by the office, and I pass a Habitat ReStore on my way! The classes help me be informed about myself and the other broken people around me. There is great value to the whole process if you stop to see it. We'd be happy to talk to you about whatever questions you may have if you are interested in foster care, or if you are hesitant, we'd love to help you see clearly about what is holding you back.

Blessings to you all. Thanks for reading and sharing our journey. More to come.

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1 Comment

Aww, huge decision 4 sure!! How sweet that she adopted you - can't blame her since you are a fine four. May God's love bless & strengthen you as a family. ❤️ ~ Ruth Weaver

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