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Bright Spot Flower Delivery Response Survey
Did you notice a difference in quality and artistry between the arrangement you received from Bright Spot and flowers you would buy at a grocery store?
Does the style of vase contribute to your feelings about the arrangement?
If you held a subscription with Bright Spot, would your preference be to keep the vase or exchange it for a credit on the next delivery?
When is it in your habit to purchase fresh flowers or cut flower decor for your home?
Could you imagine yourself wondering what the next floral creation would be like if you had the Bright Spot subscription?
Would you consider being a client of Bright Spot or would you consider giving a subscription as a gift?
Is this a service for which you would be willing to pay a membership fee if it gave you extra benefits (i.e. free delivery, complimentary quarterly arrangements, access to holiday wreaths and centerpieces) on top of your subscription?

Thanks for submitting!

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